Janmashtami Bhog Panjiri, Panchamrit, Mewa Kheer, Makhan Mishri & Paag

This recipe is specially made for the occasion of Janmashtami. It holds five scrumptious dishes whic...

Instant Coconut Kalakand

Instant coconut Kalakand is a sweet made up of coconut which is scrumptious to eat. It has a mouth-m...

Migi Paag | Paag of coconut and muskmelon seeds | Janmasthami Paag

Migi Paag is a sweet which is mostly made on an auspicious day of Janmashtami. It is made up of dry ...

Bhapa Sandesh | Steamed Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh is a popular sweet of Orissa and West Bengal. It is made up of lesser no.of ingredients and ...

Mango Burfi Recipe

Summer season means a season of Mangoes. You can make Mango Burfi with fresh ripe mangoes or u can e...

Fresh Coconut Burfi Recipe | Fresh Coconut Fudge

The coconut fudge is perfect sweet for the summers, it is easier and quicker to make. 

Sev Barfi Recipe | Sindhi Sev ki Mithai

It is a mixture of sev and sweetness which melts in the mouth instantly 

Moong Dal Barfi Recipe | Moong Dal Barfi - Quick recipe using less ghee

Moong Dal Barfi is a traditional sweet of India and has a mouth-watering taste. It is filled with so...

Til Besan ki barfi । Sesame Seeds Chickpea Flour Barfi

Til Magad Barfi is a recipe which melts in your mouth instantly 

How to Make Aflatoon Barfi | Aflatoon Sweet

Aflatun Sweet is a sweet which melts in the mouth with every bite. 

Kaju Katli Recipe with Wonderfulls Chunkies

Kaju Katli Recipe with Wonderfulls Chunkies has such a unique flavour and crunchiness.

Instant Lauki Barfi without Mawa । Lauki Ki lauj

This lauki barfi is made up of condensed milk rather than mawa as in many places mawa is not availab...

Instant kharvas | Soft Kharvas In Pressure Cooker

Kharvas is the traditional Maharashtrian recipe which is made up of the cholesterol milk.