Fresh Coconut Burfi Recipe | Fresh Coconut Fudge

The coconut fudge is perfect sweet for the summers, it is easier and quicker to make. 

Ingredients for Coconut Fudge

  • Fresh Coconut - 2
  • Condensed Milk - 1 cup (250 gms)
  • Pistachios - 10 to 12 (slices)
  • Green Cardamoms Powder - 4
  • Ghee - 2 to 3 tbsp

How to make coconut fudge

Take 2 fresh coconuts, remove their fibre and peel them. Scratch the outer covering using a knife. After scratching their covering, wash them and grate them coarsely ground.

Grind them for just only 5 to 10 seconds and after grinding them, preheat a pan. Add 2 tablespoons of clarified butter in the pan and melt it. Add 2 cups of desiccated coconut in the pan and roast while continuously stirring it on a medium flame for 5 minutes.

After roasting it for 5 minutes, add condensed milk to it and cook while continuously stirring until it reaches to its thicker consistency. Add cardamom powder to it after it has reached the desired consistency.

Stir to mix well and switch off the flame. Take an even plate and grease it with clarified butter. After greasing it, spread the cooked mixture evenly on it. After spreading the mixture, garnish it with chopped pistachios and insert them using a spatula.

Mark the cutting areas with light pressure according to your desired shape and size using a knife. Keep the plate aside in a cool place to set for an hour. After an hour, the mixture has set.

Heat the bottom of the plate while rotating it on a flame for 5 to 10 seconds. After heating the tray, separate the pieces using a knife and serve it. The coconut Barfi is ready to be served and you can store it in the refrigerator for 7 to 8 days.


Instead of condensed milk, you can use milk and sugar to cook it.


ताजे नारियल की बर्फी | Fresh Coconut Burfi Recipe | Fresh Coconut Fudge



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