Mathura Peda Recipe

There is no other Peda found in the world which can beat the delicious taste of Mathura Peda. If you take just one bite of the traditionally prepared Mathura Peda, you will end up having at least 4 of them. Let us prepare Mathura Peda today.

Traditionally, Mathura Peda was made from cow's milk  but these days we also use buffalo's milk. Tagar(powdered sugar) and Mawa(dry milk) are used while making it. Both the ingredients are available in the market or you can make them at home. Check  How to make Mawa and How to make Tagar. If you are getting Mawa from the market, make sure it has a  grainy texture.

When you prepare Mathura Peda remember to fry/roast Mawa as much possible. The more Mawa is fried/roasted the more its shelf life increases. Do add little amounts of milk/Ghee from time to time while frying Mawa, this makes frying/roasting for a long time easy. According to my experience frying Mawa in Ghee is better then frying it in milk. So lets start preparing Mathura Peda.

- Ingredients for Mathura Peda

  • Khoya/Mawa - 500 grams ( 2 1/2 cup)
  • Tagar - 500 grams ( 2 1/2 cup)
  • Ghee - 1-2 tbsp/ 1/2 cup milk
  • Elaichi(cardamom) - 8-10(peeled and grounded)

- How to prepare Mathura Pedha

Take a heavy pan(Kadhai)and fry Mawa  in it. Stir Mawa continuously while frying, not letting it stick at the bottom of the pan. Whenever Mawa changes its color when you fry it , add little Ghee or milk. Stir and fry till Mawa's color turn brown completely..

Allow Mawa to cool off, when its completely cooled mix 400 grams(2 cup) Tagar followed by Elaichi powder and blend properly. The mixture required to prepare Pedas is ready.

Keep the leftover 100 grams Tagar on a plate. Take some amount(lemon sized) of the mixture and rollit with your hands. Wrap this ball with Tagar on the plate and press with your hands giving it a shape. Place the prepared Peda on a plate/tray, repeat this process one by one. You can see that awesome Mathura Pedas are ready.

Now you can eat these Mathura Pedas, leave the remaining under a fan. The wind from the fan will make them dry. These Pedas can be stored in  an air tight container and you can have them whenever you desire. If the Mawa has been fried well the Pedas stay fresh for a month.

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    How many pedas can be made with the above proportions