How to make Instant Rabdi at home

After eating something sweet, it is a great turn to eat something sweet, but there is also a big shortage of some good and quick dishes in sweets.  Sometimes it happens that suddenly a guest comes and it becomes difficult to make sweets at home.  To remove this dilemma, today we are going to make Lachha Rabri which is ready in minutes.


Ingredients for Instant Rabdi


Full Cream Milk - ½ litre

White bread - 2 slices

Condensed Milk - ¼ cup

Kesar Strands - 10-12

Almond Flakes - 1 tbsp

Cashew - 1 tbsp chopped

Cardamom - 2, grounded


Process of making Instant Rabdi


Boil ½ litre of full cream milk in a pan.  Till the milk is boiling, take 2 slices of white bread and cut their edges and remove them.  Now put the bread into pieces in a mixer jar and grind it.


When the milk comes to a boil, stir it and add ground bread to it and mix it well.  Now cook it while stirring it for a while till the milk becomes thick.  Add ¼ cup of condensed milk to it and mix it well.  Take out a little milk from 10-12 saffron threads and keep it in a slurry.


As soon as it starts thickening a little, add 1 tbsp of almond flakes, 1 tbsp of small chopped cashews, 2 crushed cardamom and saffron soaked in milk.  Now mix it well and cook it on low flame.  After thickening, rabri will be ready, turn off the gas and cool it down and serve it and enjoy its taste.




If you want, you can also remove saffron.

Keep stirring the milk after a while.

If there is no condensed milk, then take out milk from it, dissolve the milk powder in it and put it in it and then add as much sugar as you like.

How to make Instant Rabdi at home



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