Gajar ka Achar

Carrot Pickle Recipe

Carrots are easily available in the market during winter season. Making a pickle is an excellent way to preserve carrots for off season. Let's make the Carrot Pickle today.

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गाजर का अचार

Ingredients for Gajar ka Achar

  • Carrots – 500 gm
  • Green chili – 100 gm
  • Ginger – 100 gm
  • Mustard oil – 150 gm
  • Asafetida – 2 pinch (grinded)
  • Salt – 4 small spoons
  • Yellow mustard – 4 small spoons (grinded coarsely)
  • Turmeric Powder – 3 small spoons
  • Red chili – 1 small spoon

How to Prepair Gajar ka Achar

Wash the carrots and peel them. Cut them length wise. Wash the green chili, break their stems and cut them length wise too. Wash the ginger, peel and cut it finely.

Put oil in the frying pan and heat it. Turn off the burner. First put asafetida into the hot oil and then the turmeric powder. Mix with a stirring spoon. Add carrots, green chili, ginger, salt, red chili powder and yellow mustard and then mix them all properly.gajar_ka_achar2_854818669.jpg

The Carrot Pickle is ready. Fill the pickle in a glass container. Stir and turn the pickle with a dry and clean stirring spoon everyday for 3 to 4 days. The pickle would be ready after this period. Now you can take out the carrot pickle and eat it whenever you want to. You can store this pickle for one month in winters and for 15 days in summers.

If you want to store this pickle for longer duration, then put enough oil in the pickle to submerged it fully. Always use a clean and dry spoon to take out the pickle.

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  1. 02 June, 2011 06:18:03 PM Dee

    I love your recipes and the pictures you post with them. Is it possible for you to tell me as to how much oil and other ingredients are needed for this recipe in -cups. It would be great if you write down the cup measurements as opposed to kg etc. Thanks