1. 17 May, 2020 02:37:51 AM Kenneth William

    I've followed your recipe very closely in you tube and have also tried cooking them at home. Sometimes I succeed, at other times I am a failure. Madam, during this lockdown period, I suddenly felt the urge to have samosas on Sunday being a holiday for me. I followed the instruction as explained in you tube channel and did exactly the same and vow what a lovely taste the filling had, up to there I was successful, thereafter I could not make the samosa shape where in the filling had to be stuffed. Even today I am a failure, but I haven't hung up my boots. I am waiting for the lockdown to be removed, will go to the samosa shop and learn it there. I will inform you when I really succeed. Apart from that today being a Sunday, Inspired by your Punjabi Mango Pickle, I am going to give it a try , mango cut in small pieces have been kept for drying in the sunlight. I will send you the clipping in the form of attachment, next week before the pickle is complete.