Amla - Indian Goosberry Fruit

Amla is also known as ‘gooseberry’. The plus point of amla is that vitamin-C present in it doesn’t get dissolved even after cooking it. Amla consist large amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals and vitamin-B and C.  It is a good agent consisting of calcium and phosphorus. It also consists of carotene salt protein which is considered as best for tresses.

हिन्दी में पढिये - Amla - Indian Goosberry Fruit

Amla is used mostly in Indian kitchen from long. With its savoring flavor amla is used in many ways like amla ki chutney, amla murabba, vegetable, pickle, amla juice etc. this way you can take advantage of its beneficial taste.

Amla as medicine: Amla is also considered as important medicine. Indian ayurveda and UNANI make maximum use of amla for making medicines. Chavanprash, brahami rasayan, dhatri rasayan, triphala churan and rasayan, amlika rasayan are also prepared using amla.

Amla is also used for making hair oil.

For hairs: Carotene salt protein is found in amla. It is considered as best for tresses. To maintain your hairs make use of amla hair oil. Use amla in henna and apply on your hairs to get black, dense and soft tresses.

For health: it is also called as ‘dhatri faal’. Dhatri means one who protects. Because of its beneficial ingredients it is named so. It makes the immune system stronger which helps against fighting diseases. It helps prevent from getting cold, cough and fever. Skin problems can also be treated with amla. If you wish to look younger then have amla in one or the other form.


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