Potato Sev Recipe

You can make Potatao Sev in two ways. One you can dry grated boiled potatoes or you can add gram flour in the boiled potatoes and fry them to make aloo bhujiya. You can store the dry grated boiled potatoes and fry them to eat whenever you like.

इस रेसीपी को हिन्दी में पढिये - Potato sev recipe in Hindi

Ingredients for Potato (Aloo) Sev recipe

  • Potato - 3-4 (depends on the quantity you want to prepare)

Method - How to make Potato Sev

To make potato sev take potatoes with think layer of skin and big in size. 
Wash them and boil in cooker for up to 1 whistle in 1 glass water. Boil them on medium flame for 1-2 minutes after the whistle. Do not over-boil the potatoes. They should neither be too tender, nor too hard. It would be hard to prepare sev with over cooked potatoes.

Open the cooker lid, let the boiled potatoes get cool and then peel them.

Grease 3-4 plates with oil or spread a polythene sheet over a bedsheet and grease it with little oil.

Grate the potatoes now. Put the grater over the plate or over the polythene sheet and keep a boiled potato over it. Hold the grater with left hand and potato from your right hand while grating it. The grated potatoes should not fall on one side, it should spread evenly on the plate. So keep on changing your hand's position while grating the potatoes. Prepare sev by grating all the potatoes you have boiled.  

Normally one day is enough to partial dry the sev. Collect them after the first day and spread them again the next day to dry them completely.

Potato Sev are ready. You can store them in an air-tight container for over 6 months. Whenever you feel like having them in snacks, just take them out of the container and fry in a pan for less than half a minute. Be cautious about the temperature of the oil. It should not be over heated. Fry the sev in the pan, stir them with the ladle till it gets white in colour and rises. Take them out on a plate and continue the frying as per your requirement in the same manner.

Sprinkle the chat masala or salt and black pepper over the fried sev and serve with hot tea or coffee.


  • You can eat Potato Sev in fasting days by sprinkling Lahori Salt and Black pepper.
  • Dry the Potato Sev completely under the Sun before storing them in the container. Else they will turn red inside the container and cannot be used further.



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