Samvat Rice Vrat Rice Recipe


Navratri is a festival where people prefer eating simple food without onions and garlic. People who observe fasts during navratri can eat Sama Rice or Samvat Rice. Sama rice are small in size compared to regular quality of rice and eaten during fasting days.

You can make pulao with sama rice or if you consider eating sweet recipe then prepare kheer (Sama Rice Kheer Recipe) from them. Today we will make Sama Rice Pulao.

इस रेसीपी को हिन्दी में पढिये - Samvat Rice Recipe - Vrat Rice Recipe in Hindi

Ingredients for Vrat Rice Pulav

  • Sama Rice - 100 gms. (1/2 cup)
  • Water - 300 gms. (1 1/2 up)
  • Ghee - 1 table spoon.
  • Cumin seeds - 1/4 tea spoon.
  • Black pepper - 3-4
  • Cloves - 1-2
  • Cardamom - 2
  • Cashews - 10-12
  • Almonds - 8
  • Raisins - 20
  • Saindha Salt- 1/2 tea spoon or according to the taste.

Method - How to make Vrat Rice Pulav

Clean, wash the rice and soak them for 20 minutes.

Grind black pepper, cloves and cardamom. Cut almonds and cashews into 2 pieces. Break the stems of raisins and wash them.

Take a deep pan and heat 1 table spoon ghee in it. Put cashews, almonds, raisins into the ghee and roast till they get light pink in colour.

In a separate small pan heat the remaining ghee and put black pepper, cloves, cardamom and roast them. Add water and saindha salt. Once the water starts to boil add sama rice to it and after the second boil lower down the flame.  Leave 3-4 almonds and cashews to garnish and put all the rest into the rice and mix well. Cook the rice till they get tender.

Sama rice pulao is ready. Take it out in a serving dish and garnish with cashews and almonds.

This preparation can serve 2-3 persons.
Time taken  - 20 minutes.

Sama Rice or Vrat Rice Kheer Recipe

Sama Rice Kheer is prepared in a same way we make kheer from plain rice. Let us start preparing Sama Rice Kheer

Ingredients for Sama Rice Kheer Recipe

  • Sama Rice - 100 gms. (1/2 cup)
  • Full cream milk - 1 ltr. (5 cup)
  • Sugar - 75-100 gms. (1/2 cup or less than half a a cup)
  • Cashews - 12
  • Almonds - 8
  • Raisins - 20
  • Pistachios - 6
  • Cardamom - 2-3

Method - How to make Vrat Rice Kheer

Samavat Rice RecipeClean, wash the rice and soak them for 20 minutes.

Take a heavy deep vessel and boil milk into it. Once the milk start to boil add sama rice to it. Stir it and lower down the flame once the mixture starts boiling. Stir the kheer after every 2-3 minutes. Kheer should not stick at the bottom of the vessel.

Cut cashews into 4 pieces each. Cut pistachios and almonds into thin long pieces. Break the stems of the rasins. Peel the cardamom and beat it into fine powder.

Put cashews and raisins into the kheer while it is cooking. The rice have turned tender and rice and and milk should fall together while dripping from the spoon. This determines that the kheer is prepared. Mix cardamom powder into the kheer. Your Sama rice kheer is ready. take it out in a serving bowl and garnish with almonds, pistachios.

Suggestion: You can increase or reduce the quantity of mewa in rice or kheer whatever you are making. If you don't like, then you can even avoid putting the mewa into the recipe.

This preparation is for 4 people.
Time taken - 35 minutes.

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