How to make Mawa ( Khoya)

How to make mawa at home

Mawa may not available at stores or dairy in some countries, there are several alternatives of making it at home. Homemade Mawa is used at these places. It can be prepared very easily at home but it takes a long time.

Mawa is a dairy product made from milk. It is a condensed form of milk. It is easily available at dairies and stores in India. It is used to make many sweets and curry vegetables. Three types of Mawa are available in the market.

This type of Mawa is very firm and solid. Milk is reduced to 1/5 part to make batti Mawa . Ready Mawa is set in cup shaped moulds. It is used to make ladoo and barfi.

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Chikna Mawa

Chikna Mawa is also called Daav ka Khoya. It is prepared like batii Mawa but is not reduced to that density. It is done a little earlier. It is thick as halwa (a sweet). Chikna Mawa is used to make rasgullas (a syrupy dessert of Orissa and Bengal).


Granular Mawa is also made from milk. This Mawa is granulated by adding a little tartaric acid or lemon juice to the milk while boiling. It is a job of a person expert in preparing Mawa . You can also try it. It is used for making Kalakand, ladoo and granular barfi.

How to Make Mawa At Home?

Always use full cream buffalo milk to make Mawa at home. Allow milk to boil in a heavy bottomed utensil. Medium the flame when milk boils and stir after every 4-5 minutes. Milk starts thickening after some time, keep it boiling and stir occasionally. Cook milk stirring continuously when it is dense like halwa. Turn off the flame when milk is reduced and Mawa is ready. It becomes solid and very thick when cool.

Mawa is ready, keep it aside for cooling. Use it to make any sweet you want. Store in it fridge but use within 4-5 days.

How to make mawa at home? Video in Hindi



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