Maida Burfi Recipe

There are only a few such sweets to eat in summer, which we like to eat very much.  Today we are going to make one of these special sweets, Halkova Barfi.  Made of all purpose flour, ghee and sugar, this barfi is wonderful in taste.  Its shelf-life is also very long.  It will be ready in very less time and by making it with very few ingredients.  So you also make this special maida barfi and enjoy its taste with your family.


Ingredients for HalKova


Ghee - 1 cup (200 grams)

Refined Flour - 2 cups (260 grams)

Powdered Sugar - 1.5 cups (240 g)

Kewra Essence - 3-4 drops


Process of making Halkova Barfi


Melt 1 cup of ghee in a pan.  Then add 2 cups of flour and fry it on low-medium flame while stirring continuously.  Fry it till the flour changes colour and the ghee separates from it.  After roasting, take it out in a bowl and let it cool down enough to touch it.


When it cools down, add 1.5 cups of sugar powder and mix it.  Then add 3-4 drops of kewra essence to it and mix them well.  When completely mixed, spread butter paper in the tray and grease it with ghee.  Then put the mixture of barfi on butter paper and make it uniform.


Now keep the barfi in the fridge to set for half an hour.  After the time is up, take out the barfi and cut it into pieces according to your own needs.  In this way Halkova Barfi will be ready, serve it and enjoy its taste.




Roast the flour on low-medium flame.

Do not make the flour too dark.

You can eat this barfi by keeping it for more than 8 months.

Maida Burfi Recipe



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