Raw Mango Sharbat Recipe

Today we are going to make Kairi Mint Sharbat special for summer.  We will make these in two ways, a fresh syrup that you can serve and drink immediately.  Second, concentrated syrup, which you can keep for many times and drink it when you feel like drinking it.  So with this easy recipe, you can also make fresh and concentrated sharbat with mint and enjoy the taste with your family.


Ingredients for Kairi Pudina Sharbat


For Fresh Sharbat


Unripe Mango - 1 (60 g)

Mint Leaves - 1/2 cup

Black Salt - 1/2 tsp

Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp

Black Pepper - 4

Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp

Sugar - 3.5 tbsp


For Concentrate Sharbat


Unripe Mango - 500 grams

Mint Leaves - 3 cups (50 grams)

Black Salt - 6 tsp

Fennel Seeds - 6 tsp

Cumin Powder - 6 tsp

Black Pepper - 1 tsp

Sugar - 3 cups (700 grams)


Process of making Fresh Raw Mango Mint Sharbat


Wash and dry 1 kairi well.  Peel it and take out its pulp.  Now keep half the pulp and cut the other half into small pieces.


In a mixer jar add chopped pulp, ½ cup of mint leaves (well washed and dried), ½ tsp of black salt, ½ tsp of roasted cumin, 4 black peppers, 1 tsp of fennel, 3-5 tbsp of sugar and 2-3 tbsp of water.  Grind and make a smooth paste.


Now sieve it by pressing it well with any soup sieve.  Put ice cubes in two glasses.  Then put half the juice in both the glasses equally.  Then add cold water to it and mix it well.  In this way the fresh sharbat of Kairi Mint will be ready.


Process of making Raw Mango Mint Concentrated Sharbat


Wash and dry half a kilo of mangoes thoroughly.  Now peel them and take out their pulp.  Cut these pieces into small pieces, cut the remaining half of the mango pulp as well.


Now put chopped mango, 3 cups of mint leaves (well washed and dried), 6 tsp of black salt, 6 tsp of fennel, 6 tsp of roasted cumin, 1 tsp of black pepper and ¾ cup of water in a mixer jar.  Grind them finely.


Now put 3 cups of sugar and 1.5 cups of water in a pan and cook it on high flame while stirring it occasionally till the sugar dissolves.  When the sugar dissolves completely, add the powdered paste to it and mix it well.  Cook it for 5-6 minutes while stirring it once in a while.


After the time is up, turn off the flame and let it cool down.  When the soup cools down slightly, strain it by pressing it well with a sieve.  After filtering, cool it and keep it in a container.  To serve, add ice cubes, 2 spoons of syrup and cold water to the glass and mix.  Sharbat will be ready.  Make concentrated syrup and serve like this, drink it and cool yourself.




The concentrated sharbat can be stored in a container for up to 3 months.

Wash the container thoroughly and dry it.

Raw Mango Sharbat Recipe



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