Winter Special Bajra Masala Puri

In the winter season, we keep on eating bread made of millet flour.  Today we are going to make spicy masala puri from this millet.  It is very tasty to eat and you can make it on a holiday and eat it for breakfast with your family.  It is very easy to make Bajra Ki Masala Poori, you can prepare it in a jiffy.  So make Bajra Ki Masala Poori with this easy method and enjoy its taste with your family members.


Ingredients for Bajra Masala Poori


Pearl Millets Flour - 1 cup (150 grams)

Potato - 3 (200 g), Boiled

Salt - ½ tsp

Cumin Seeds - ½ tsp

Carom Seeds - ½ tsp

Turmeric Powder - ¼ tsp

Sesame Seeds - 1 tsp

Green Chilli - 2, finely chopped

Red Chilli Flakes - ½ tsp

Ginger - 1 tsp, grated

Coriander Leaves - 2-3 tsp

Oil for Frying


Process of making Dough


Peel 3 boiled potatoes and grate them with a fine grater.  In a bowl take 1 cup of millet flour, grated potatoes, ½ tsp of salt, ½ tsp of cumin, ½ tsp of carom seeds (crushed on the palm), ¼ tsp of turmeric, 1 tsp of white sesame seeds, 1 tsp of finely chopped green chilies (seeds removed), ½ tsp of crushed red chilli, 1 tsp of grated ginger and 2-3 tsp of green coriander.


Mix them well and knead a soft dough by adding little water.  After kneading, knead the dough for 2-3 minutes, then cover it and keep it covered for 15 minutes.


Process of making Puri


Take some oil on your hand, mash the dough well and break it into small balls.  Now make a ball round like a peda, then apply some oil on the wheel and rolling pin and roll the dough a little thick with light hands.  Heat oil in a pan, the oil should be medium-high and the flame should be medium.  Gently lift the poori and put it in the hot oil.


When it floats up, fry the poori from both the sides till it turns golden brown in color.  All the pooris are to be fried in the same way.  Puris will be ready, serve them with any vegetable or pickle and enjoy their taste.




Mix all the spices and grated potatoes well in the dough and knead it by adding water little by little.

Winter Special Bajra Masala Puri



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