Weekend Special Bread Cheese Bites Recipe

In Snack today we are going to make kids favourite cheese bites.  It is very easy to make them and they are very much liked by children as well as adults.  The special thing about them is that you can assemble them and keep them in the fridge.  Then whenever you want to serve them, just take them out of the fridge and fry them and serve them.  These bites filled with cheese are very tasty.  So make cheese bites with this easy recipe and add a cheesy flavour to snack time.


Ingredients for Bread Cheesy Bites


Bread Slices - 6

Bread Crumbs - 2 slices

Pizza sauce - 1 tbsp

Mozzarella Cheese - ¼ cup

Oil - ½ cup


For Slurry


Maida - Refined Flour - ¼ cup

Corn flour - ¼ cup

Salt - ¼ tsp

Black Pepper - ¼ tsp, crushed


Process of making Slurry


Make a smooth batter by adding ¼ cup of all purpose flour, ¼ cup of corn flour and little water in a bowl.  After making a thin batter, add ¼ tsp of salt and ¼ tsp of crushed black pepper and mix it well.  In this way the slurry will be ready.


With this, put 2 breads in a mixer and grind them and bread crumbs will be ready.


Process of assembling Veg Cheese Bites


Take 6 bread slices, keep 2 bread slices on the board and cut off its four corners and remove them.  Then put pizza sauce on the bread and spread it well.  Now place the mozzarella cheese in each of the four corners.  Cover it with another bread slice and press it well.  Now cut 4 equal parts of it.


After lifting one part, press it slightly and put it in the slurry and dip it.  Then coat it completely with bread crumbs.  Now after coating it well, press the bread crumbs lightly with your hands and keep them on the plate.  Similarly assemble all the breads.


Process of frying Veg Cheese Bites


Heat ½ cup of oil in a pan, the oil should be medium-high hot and the flame should also be medium-high.  Put veg cheese bites in hot oil and fry till they turn brown from below.  Then turn them over and fry them from the other side as well, until they turn golden brown from both the sides.


After frying, take them out and fry the rest in the same way.  In this way veg cheese bites will be ready.  Serve them with any dip of your choice and enjoy their taste.




While assembling the cheese should not be kept too much, a little should be kept on all four corners.

The oil should be medium-high hot while frying and the flame should also be medium-high.

Weekend Special Bread Cheese Bites Recipe



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