Ghevar Recipe with special tips

Three things of the month of Sawan are very special, Kheer, Sevai and Ghevar.  Kheer and sevai are made at home too, but if you have homemade Ghevar, then you enjoy the taste differently.  To enjoy this taste, today we are going to make Ghevar.  Sweet Ghevar which you can keep for a few days and eat it with full taste.


Ingredients for Ghevar


Ghee - ¼ cup (50 grams)

Milk - ½ cup (100 ml)

Refined Flour - 2 cups (250 grams)

Lemon Juice - 2 tsp

Sugar - 1 cup (225 grams)

Rabadi - 1 cup

Almond Flakes

Pistachio Flakes

Saffron - 10-12 threads

Green Cardamom - 4 pcs, crushed

Ghee and oil mix for fry


Process of making batter for Ghevar


Put ¼ cup of ghee and ½ cup of cold water in a mixer jar and blend it a little, so that the ghee becomes like butter.  Now add ½ cup of milk and blend it again.  Now pour 2 cups of flour little by little in the jar, keep stirring and after adding all the flour, add a cup of plain water little by little and blend the solution.  Then add 2.5 cups of cold water to it and mix the solution well and take it out in a bowl.  After this, add 2 tsp of lemon juice (this makes Ghevar crisp) and mix, the batter for Ghevar will be ready.


Process of making Chashni


Put 1 cup of sugar and ½ cup of water in the pan and cook the sugar well.  After cooking, add 4 small ground cardamoms (this will give a good aroma to the syrup) and cook for 2 minutes.  After cooling the syrup with the help of a spoon, take it on the finger and check if the wire is being formed, then it means that the syrup is ready.


Process of making Ghevar


Put half the ghee and half the oil in a pan and heat it.  Ghee-oil should be very hot for frying.  After it becomes hot, pour the batter little by little in the ghee.  Remember not to pour too much batter at once or else the batter will come out.  After pouring the batter, when the bubbles stop coming, pour the batter from the middle back to the side.  Batter is to be poured until the space in the middle is filled, the flame has to be kept high in the meantime.  Now remove the ghevar from the edge with the help of a knife so that it does not stick to the edges.  Reduce the flame and dip the Ghevar lightly in ghee so that the Ghevar gets cooked well.


When the Ghevar becomes very brown, then take it out and place it on the mesh so that the ghee inside it comes out.  Make the rest of the Ghevar in the same way, remember that after frying two Ghevar, the oil reduces in the pot, then add a little more Ghevar, otherwise Ghevar will not be made well.


When the syrup cools down, pour it little by little on the Ghevar you want to eat so that it goes deep inside.  Now apply a layer of rabri on them which can be made thick or thin as per your choice.  Then put some almond flakes, some pistachio flakes and 4-5 saffron threads on it and the delicious Ghevar will be ready.




Ghevar batter should be thin.

While making the batter for Ghevar, do not beat it too much or else the ghee will start separating from the batter.

The bottom of the vessel you are taking for making Ghevar should be heavy from the bottom.

Garnishing can be done on top of Ghevar as per your choice.

Ghevar with sugar syrup can be eaten for 10-12 days by keeping it in the refrigerator and Ghevar with cream can be eaten for 3-4 days.

After making 4-5 Ghevar, its color starts changing because it is time to keep the batter, when this happens, mix a little cold water in the batter and start making Ghevar again.

Ghevar Recipe with special tips



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