Traditional Recipe of Besan Ki Pinni

Today we are going to make Besan Pinni special for winters.  We will make it in two ways, jaggery pinni and sugar pinni.  Jaggery Pinni are specially made for children, old age and new mothers.  It gives warmth in winters and also gives relief from joint pain.  You can make Chini Pinni in any season.  So you too make Besan Pinni with this easy method and enjoy its taste with your family.


Ingredients for Besan Ki Pinni


Ghee - 1.25 Cup (300 grams)

Gond - ½ Cup (100 grams)

Fox Nut - 1 cup (20 grams)

MuskMelon Seeds - ½ Cup (50 grams)

Gram Flour - 2.5 Cup (300 grams)

Almond Flakes - 1 Cup (100 grams)

Cashew - ½ Cup (50 grams), chopped

Raisins - ⅓ Cup (50 grams), chopped

Cardamom - 12 no, coarsely ground

Bura - 1.25 Cup (200 grams)

Jaggery - 1 Cup (200 grams)

Nutmeg - ½ (1 tsp)

Dry Ginger Powder - 1 tbsp


Process of roasting Dry Fruits


Put 4 tbsp of ghee in a pan and heat it.  Break ½ cup of gond into small pieces and put it in hot ghee.  Fry them till their colour is slightly changed.  After roasting, take them out, remember that the gond has to be fried on a low flame and fry it by adding half-and-half.  The gond has to be stirred continuously while roasting, take it out after it is roasted.


Sieve the ghee (about 1 tbsp) and put it back in the pan and heat it.  Put 1 cup of makhana in hot ghee and fry till it changes color.  Remember the flame will be low-medium and they have to be roasted till they become crisp.  When roasted, take them out in a bowl.


Put ½ cup of melon seeds in the same pan and fry them on medium flame while stirring continuously till they swell and change color.  After roasting, take them out on a plate as well.


Process of roasting Gram Flour


Put about 1 cup of ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and heat it.  Put 2.5 cups of gram flour in hot ghee and fry it on low-medium flame while stirring continuously.  Fry it till it becomes thin and changes color.  When the gram flour is almost about to be roasted, add 1 cup of almond flakes and fry it for 2 minutes.


When the time is up, add ½ cup of finely chopped cashews and fry for 2 minutes.  After the time is up, turn off the flame and keep stirring it in the pan for 2-3 minutes.  Keep it and let it cool down a bit.


Process of making Mixture for Pinni


Put the roasted gond in a tray and crush it.  Then put some makhanas in the pot and crush them and keep them with the gond.  When the gram flour cools down slightly, add crushed gond, makhana, melon seeds, ⅓ cup of chopped raisins and 12 small cardamoms, peeled and coarsely crushed.  Now mix them well.


When mixed, the mixture will be ready.  Now divide it into two parts and take out one part in a bowl.  And keep one part covered in a pan.


Process of making Sugar Pinni


Add 1.25 cups of boora to the mixture kept in the bowl and mix it well.  Once it is mixed, it will become dry, melt the ghee and add 2-3 tbsp of ghee to it and mix it well.


Once you get it, tie as many big or small laddus as you want.  In this way besan sugar pinni will be ready.


Process of making Jaggery Pinni


Add 1 cup of finely crushed jaggery, 1 tbsp of ghee and 1 tbsp of water in the pan and cook it till the jaggery melts.  Remember, it has to be cooked on low-medium flame while stirring it once in a while.  Cook it till the jaggery melts completely and there is little foam, then turn off the flame.


Grate ½ nutmeg and make powder.  Then filter the syrup of jaggery in the mixture kept in the pan, add nutmeg powder and 1 tbsp of dry ginger and mix it well.  After mixing, tie as many big or small laddus as you want.  In this way the besan jaggery pinni will be ready.




If you are making Pinni for the new mothers, then add one whole nutmeg powder and 2 tbsp of dry ginger powder to the jaggery pinni.

One pinni of sugar is to be eaten every morning with a glass of milk.

Roast dry fruits and gram flour on low-medium flame.

Keep them open for 1-2 hours and keep them in a container.  You can eat them for 6 months.

Traditional Recipe of Besan Ki Pinni



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