Instant Mawa Jalebi Recipe

This is the story of every household that whenever you bring jalebi, all of it has to end on the same day.  To give a different twist to this, today we are going to make Mawa Jalebi, it is made a little different from the common Jalebi and is very tasty.  You can also keep them for some time by making them in this way, so just make it once and eat it again and again.


Ingredients for Mawa Jalebi


Mawa - 1 cup ( 200 grams)

Corn Flour - ½ cup ( 50 grams)

Baking Powder - ½ tsp

Sugar - 1.5 cup (300 grams)

Cordemom - 4, crushed

Saffron - 10-12 strands

Ghee for frying


Process of making batter


Put 200 grams of mawa, ½ cup of corn flour and ½ tsp of baking powder in a mixer jar and blend it well.  Remember, mixer grinder is not to be run simultaneously, it has to be run intermittently.  When it is well ground, it will become a powder, after that add 2 tablespoons of water and stir it in the same way.  Now when it comes to a slight dough form, take it out in a bowl.


If it seems too dry, then add ½ tbsp of water and knead it like a dough.  Make a soft dough, the dough for Jalebi will be ready.


Process of making Chashni


Put 1.5 cups of sugar and 1.5 cups of water in a pan and cook till the sugar dissolves in the water.  After the sugar dissolves in water, add 4 crushed cardamom and 10-12 saffron threads (if there are no saffron threads then you can skip it) and cook it for 4 minutes because we don’t need wire in the sugar syrup.  When the time is over, check it once and put it on the finger and see if it is sticking, then the syrup will be ready.


Process of making Mawa Jalebi


Cut a piping bag slightly from the corner, from where the jalebi will be made in the pan.  Now put some batter in it and press it from above.  Heat ghee in a pan, for frying jalebi, the ghee should be less than medium hot and the flame should be very low.


Now pour the batter from the piping bag into the pan giving it shape.  After shaping, break it with the help of a stick or knife.  Fry it till it turns light brown from the bottom, and then fry it from both the sides till it turns dark brown.  After frying, take it out and take out its ghee by twisting it.


Then put it in the syrup and make the rest in the same way and keep it for a while after dipping it in the syrup, take it out on a plate.  Mawa jalebis will be ready, will become very juicy and tasty, serve them and enjoy their taste.




The batter of Mawa jalebi is like a soft dough, so to make jalebi, a little more pressure has to be applied by hand.  So you cannot use a milk bag for this, either take a piping bag or take a long thick foil.

While making the batter, measure the mawa and corn flour.

Water has to be added little by little, and the batter should be made like a soft dough.

While making the syrup, measure the sugar and water and after the sugar dissolves, cook it for 4-5 minutes only.

While frying the jalebi, the flame should be low and the ghee should be medium hot.

Instant Mawa Jalebi Recipe



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