Janmashtami Paag । Dry Fruit Paag with Mawa

Mawa dry fruits paag is a sweet which is made mostly on the day of the Janmashtami

Ingredients for the Dry Fruit Paag with Mawa

  • Powdered Sugar- 2.75 cups (400 gms)
  • Mawa- 2.25 cups (500 gms)
  • Lotus Seeds- 1.5 cups (25 gms)
  • Muskmelon seeds- Less than 1 cup (100 gms)
  • Dry Coconuts- 1.5 cup (100 gms) (Grated)
  • Almonds- ½ cup (75 gms)
  • Edible gum- ¼ cup (50 gms)
  • Ghee- ½ cup (100 gms)

How to make the dry fruit paag with mawa

Preheat the pan and roast the muskmelon seeds until they expand or their colour changes. Roast them on the low flame (It takes 2 minutes top roast these seeds). Take the roasted seeds in the plate.

Cook and stir the grated coconut until its colour changes and soothing fragrance appears. Roast them on the medium flame. After the 15 minutes, roasted coconut is ready and take it out on a plate.

Preheat the ghee in the pan to fry the edible gum. If you will add the edible gum in moderately or extremely heated oil then the edible gum will remain raw. Roast it in the low heated oil and on the medium flame by continuously stirring it.  Take out the edible gum in the plate once its colour changes and it expanded.

Roast the almonds in the ghee until they are browned. After the two minutes, the almonds are roasted.

Roast the lotus seeds in the ghee until they are golden brown in colour. It takes 3 minutes to fry them. All the dry fruits are fried.

Break the dry fruits finely in the mortar and prepare them.


To roast the mawa

Preheat the pan and roast the mawa in it until its colour slightly changes. After the 3 minutes the mawa is roasted, add the sugar powder in it and mix it properly. Add the dry fruits in the mixture once it is properly mixed.

Cook and continuously stir the mixture until it is thick. Cook it for 4-5 minutes. Take some mixture in a mini and check after it cools down that it is thick or not. Take it out in the plate and apply the ghee on the bottom of the plate. The mixture is set after the 15-20 minutes, mark the cutting area on the mixture.  You can decide the size of the mixture according to your choice.

The dry fruit paag is set after the 40 minutes. Heat the bottom of the paag so that paag can be removed easily. Take the pieces out of the paag on another plate.

The mixed dry fruit paag is ready to serve. You can store the dry fruit paag in the refrigerator and consume it for the 10-12 days.

Store them in an airtight container when they cool down and eat them for 1 month. This paag is usually made on Janmashtami but,  it is so tasty that you can prepare it generally also.



Roast the dry fruits properly and make them crunchy.

Roast the mawa until its colour changes and ghee separates from it.

Cook the mawa for 2-3 minutes after adding the sugar powder in it.

Mix and stir the dry fruits in the mixture until it is thick.

You can add and remove the dry fruits according to your choice.

Janmashtami Paag | जन्माष्टमी के लिये पंचमेवा मावा पाग । Dry Fruit Paag with Mawa|



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