Mixed Fruit Jam । Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam


Every kid's favorite of Mixed fruit Jam is here. It is fuss free and can be made very easily. Homemade jam is specially relished by kids. 

Ingredients for Mixed fruit Jam 

  • Apples (Green and Red)  - 2 (350 gms) 
  • Strawberries - 200 gms 
  • Black grapes  - 300 gms 
  • Pineapple  - 200 gms 
  • Sugar - 600 gms 
  • Lemon -1 
  • Cinnamon stick - 1 
  • Cardamoms - 6 

How to make Mixed fruit jam 

Take fruits wash them well and pat dry. Remove the peel of cardamom and make powder. 

Remove stalk from strawberries, chop pieces so that it can be griended easily. Chop black grapes without seed as well. Cut pineapples.Take a red and a green apple. Peel both. Grate them.

Put grated apple in pan, turn on flame. Keep flame low, add sugar to it. Cook until sugar dissolves. Grind the chopped grapes, then add and finely grind strawberries as well. Pour it in the pan of grated apple- sugar. Keep a little in the jar. Put the pineapple in jar and grind finely.Put all the paste in wok. Mix well with sugar, keep flame medium.Cook until it is dense. Put a cinnamon stick in it. Stir the jam at regular intervals,keep flame medium high or medium. check if it is dense. 

homemade mixed fruit jam

Add cardamom powder to it.Cook more until dense. Once jam is dense, put flame to low medium, to prevent spluttering. Stir and cook.

To check jam, pour few drops in plate and tilt it. Jam is not runny. Jam is ready, turn off flame and let the jam cool. 

As the jam cools add 1 lemon's juice, mix well. It is optional.Take out cinnamon stick from jam.  Jam is cooked in 30 minutes once cool, take out the jam in a bowl. 
Tempting Mixed fruit jam is ready. As the jam cools down completely, keep it in a container, then keep in fridge and use for upto 6 months. 


  • Apples are grated, so that the jam is a bit grainy.
  • Make sure you stir the jam at regular interval to prevent it from sticking at the base of the wok. 
  • You can take any fruits as desired for making jam, just make sure, not  to take fruits with high water content such as melon and watermelon. 
  • Adding lemon juice makes the jam a bit tangy, you can skip if desired. 

Mixed Fruit Jam । मिक्स्ड फ्रूट जैम । Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam



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  1. 31 October, 2019 11:15:03 AM Ankita

    Thank you for such an easy recipe of mixed fruits jam. I am following your recipes regularly. I had prepared jam sometime back and had to add nearly 1 kg of sugar but still it tasted sour, which my kids didn't like much. What to do in such conditions as avoiding sugar at high quality is good!