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What is yeast ?
Yeast is usually called as "Khameer " in hindi. It is mostly used in food products. It is used for leavening food items. It is a type of Fungi which is used for fermenting. You can make fresh yeast at home. But Instant dry active yeast is made through chemical process.
Yeast is used since ancient times, enlish word yeast has originated from sanskrit word "yas" . It is also known as khameer, bakery yeast, compressed fresh yeast, dry yeast et.

Uses of Yeast in ancient times.
Yeast has been used since earlier times. Earlier it was used in baking products and alcohol.

Types of yeast
Yeast is made through various ways, such as instant dry active yeast,active yeast.
Mix dry active yeast, with sugar. Cover and keep for a while, so that bubbles erupt and yeast becomes active. After that mix it with flour and knead it. Wheareas Instant dry active yeast can directly be kneaded by directly adding to the flour. You can make freshyeast easily at home.

Appearance of yeast
Dry active yeast is round, looks like yellow mustard seeds. Instant dry active yeast looks like fine poppy seeds. Whearas fresh yest is slightly brown in color.

Culinary uses of yeast
Yeast is used in Pizza, Pav, Jalebi, Buns and breads. It is used for leavening foods, after which the food products become soft and spongy. Bakers yeast is mostly used for making bread. For baking add lukewarm water, flour, salt, sugar, fennel seeds, it works well and becomes spongy.

Where to buy Yeast
Dry yeast can be found at any grocery store. You can also purchase it online. You can make fresh yeast easily at home. You can see the link to making yeast on our website. -

How to store yeast
To keep yeast fresh keep it in some cool place or in a refrigerator, because it does not stay fresh for long. It is important to store yeast away from heat and moisture. Be careful of using it. Prior to using it, bring it to room temprature.

Uses of yeast in our recipes
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